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Celebrate Movember!

Movember Mondays

Movember is a month dedicated to raising awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health. Since 2003, the Movember Foundation has empowered millions of men and women to join this global movement for men’s health. During November men are challenged to grow and women to support a moustache or to make a commitment and get active for 30 minutes a day. The Movember Foundation has raised over $650 million for men’s health and generated countless conversations. Join the movement and the Yale team.

Free Informational Lecture with Dr. James Rosoff

Wednesday, November 16th at 6:00pm Dr. James Rosoff will be giving a talk for the community titled "Movember - Men's Wellness" Greenwich Hospital, Hyde Conference room, 5 Perryridge Road, Greenwich, CT. At this seminar, you will get the tools you need to stay healthy. Three medical experts will discuss men's issues, including testosterone, deficiency, erectile dysfunction and male infertility.
Click here for more information or call 888-305-9253. Registration is required.

Prior Informational Lectures
Dr. David Hesse gave a talk titled "Everything Men Want to Know About Male Urology But Are Afraid to Ask” at Yale-New Haven Hospital, Saint Raphael Campus. Dr. Hesse discussed prostate cancer as well as erectile dysfunction, testicular abnormalities and urinary incontinence.

Dr. Stanton Honig gave a lecture titled “Erectile Dysfunction: What to do when the pills don't work!” at Yale-New Haven Hospital, Old Saybrook Medical Center. 

Dr. Thomas Martin gave a community talk titled "Advances in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Care” at the Hamden Professional Building. This talk was about how sophisticated digital imaging and tools in today's advanced technology help physicians diagnose prostate problems to create the best treatment plans. 

Dr. James Rosoff, Dr. Franklin Loria, and Dr. Richard Becker gave a three part lecture titled “Men's Wellness” at Greenwich Hospital. They discussed infertility, low-T, and sexual dysfunction as well as cardiac health and a fitness plan for healthy maintenance

Dr. Charles Walker gave a lecture "Dispelling Myths: Your Prostate and Your Health” at Yale-New Haven Hospital. This educational health lecture asked if your frequency, urgency and weak stream is a potential sign of prostate cancer or BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)? 

Dr. Matthew Wosnitzer's talk “Below the Belt: Keeping it Healthy” at Bridgeport Hospital discussed how low testosterone and erectile dysfunction are not just "older men's" issues. In this talk, Dr. Wosnitzer talked about "Low-T," ED, infertility, and testicular abnormalities as well as how behaviours impact overall health. 

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Yale Urology physicians are showing their support of men's health. Men start on November 1 with a clean shave and grow mustaches during the month of November to spark conversations about mens health issues. They are called “Mo Bros”. Pictured here from last year are Dr. Thomas Martin,   Dr. Charles Walker,   Dr. Stanton Honig,   Dr. Richard Dean  and Dr. David Hesse.

Movember Photos of 2014: Yale Urology physicians showing their support of men's health by not shaving their mustaches for the month of November

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Are you at risk for Low Testosterone (Low-T)? And what does it mean if you are? Complete this online questionnaire to evaluate your risk.

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Do you think you may have Erectile Dysfunction? Click here to complete a questionnaire. There is treatment available.